Kelgerri Kennels
Reg’d American Cocker Spaniels
We are a small kennel in Southern Ontario, dedicated to breeding healthy puppies with sound temperaments. Preferring solid coloured cockers, we offer Blacks, Chocolates, Blondes, Black & tans & Chocolate & tans.
We feed a RAW diet to our dogs. They have shiny coats, white teeth, healthy skin, all due to this balanced diet.
Yes raw! Chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, salmon, eggs, & vegetables. Totally grain-free, & the dogs love it.
The ever changing faces of the dogs we love. Some professional some not, all taken with our hearts. Loved family members & friends.
  Bubbles & Julius
Kelly Gerritsen
6059 Hwy 3 RR 1 Cayuga ON Canada N0A 1E0
(905) 772-5725 phone
Puppies Planned
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